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FFDC Youth Company

Funk Fusion Dance Company accepts dancers ages 5-up that are ready to make their mark in the dance industry.  Please schedule an in-person meeting to see if your dancer fits our program.  We provide free dance bags, dance wear, and more for our company members once selected.  FFDC does not have weekly recreational classes for youth in Conway at this time.  

STAY TUNED for Summer Camps, FREE Classes, and more! 

You're taking the 1st step into elevating your dance journey. 

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"As a dance teacher, I witness magic unfold as my students unlock new potentials, transforming steps into stories and movements into masterpieces."

-Ms. Chante, Founder of FFDC


"Showmanship in dance is the art of captivating hearts, transcending boundaries, and painting emotions with movement, turning a performance into a timeless experience."


"Posture in dance is the silent language that speaks volumes, sculpting grace, commanding presence, and breathing life into every movement on the stage."


"Proper technique in dance is the foundation upon which artistry blooms, the key to unlocking limitless potential, and the bridge between imagination and breathtaking execution."


"Flexibility in dance is the brushstroke that paints the impossible, the gateway to seamless transitions, and the silent partner that whispers grace into every movement."

Book your online or in person private lessons today.  

Any questions email

  • Dance Technique Weekend

    25 US dollars
  • For Dancers

    45 US dollars
  • For Dancers

    75 US dollars
  • Come get flexible and learn balance control

    45 US dollars
  • Brush up on basic and advance techniques

    45 US dollars
  • Increase your chances of winning with Ms. Chante's private pageant coa...

    85 US dollars
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